Effluent management is crucial to your farm business. Managed well you will reap the benefits, however, if not, you risk endangering the future of your business.
A guide to managing farm dairy effluent. Enviroment Waikato/Dexcel Sept. 2004

Environment Waikato, Dexcel, Insight, Fonterra, Tatua have all recognised the need for better management of dairy
farm effluent – the spotlight is coming on, with increasingly strict policing of consents and rules.

  • for the Automatic STOP - GO diverter – the failsafe and most simple dairy shed stormwater diverter to hit the market and farm
  • for best practice technology and get on top of dairy shed effluent storage and disposal costs.
  • to town with NO WORRIES. The system is built around a failsafe, proprietary STOP - GO valve.
  • for greater efficiency and significant energy and labour savings that result from NOT having to store and pump away clean rainwater
  • for reduced wear and tear and maintenance costs on your existing pump and irrigator.
  • for simple and effective installation toyour existing effluent system.
  • for real environmental benefits resulting from reduced electricity consumption and cleaner streams.
  • for a fully automated system that allows farm specific programming to tie in with dairy shed operations and other farm activities if required.
  • for a 'set and forget' lifestyle.

  • sending clean rain water to effluent
  • overloading your effluent storage and
    pump out system.
  • paying big bucks to pump away
    perfectly clean water.
  • worrying about system failure
  • turning your system on and off at each milking
  • running the risk of prosecution through noncompliance
  • wasting valuable time moving irrigators just to pump away clean rain water.
  • sitting on the fence, and get on top of
    your dairy shed effluent issues.


  • fully auto-reset should there be a farm electricity failure
  • manual overide
  • air driven, no exterior electrical of solenoid valves
  • valve is leak free, free flow and has very low air demand
  • valve body is lightweight non corrosive epoxy coated aluminium
  • valve sleeve is highly resistant anti corrosive long service natural rubber

The package
• 1 x 150mm Stop/Go Valve
• 1 x Silent Air Compressor
• 2 x 150mm NZ Stormwater PVC Adaptors
• 2 x 150 Rubber Gaskets
• 8 x M20 x 70 Bolts & Nuts
• 1 x 25m coil 10mm Nylon tubing
• 1 x PLC Management Controller
• 1 x 150mm Stormwater Tee
• 1 x 150mm 45o Elbow
• Air Fittings


  • equally suited to new and existing installations
  • sized for standard 150mm pipework
  • other sizes available