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The proven MicroPurge low-flow system delivers accuracy and cost control for your sampling.

Ground water sampling technology has reached a new level. Older concepts about bailing, well purging, and high-rate pumping are being replaced. The new approach, low-flow rate (minimal drawdown) sampling, provides numerous benefits that make it the method of choice for existing and new groundwater monitoring projects.

 Micropurge® low-flow sampling systems deliver all the advantages a project manager needs:

Why low-flow sampling?

Conventional procedures – purging a fixed amount, usually 3 to 5 well volumes, before sample collection – were thought to be necessary because bailers or portable equipment mix stagnant water from the upper, unscreened well portion into the sampling zone. They also agitate the well and surrounding aquifer, greatly increasing sample turbidity. High-rate pumping has the same effects.

In a properly constructed well, natural ground water flow constantly charges the screened zone. A dedicated low-flow device can collect representative samples without disturbing the rest of the well or the surrounding formation. This eliminates the need for excessive purging, improves sample quality, and cuts costs.

MicroPurge® Advantages

The MicroPurge® System

MicroPurge® system pumps come in an unsurpassed range of sizes, materials, and capabilities, including models for deep wells, narrow or obstructed casings, and small-volume pumps for low-yield wells. Together with MicroPurge® controllers, flow cells, and accessories, they create the most reliable, cost-effective low-flow system available.

Unmatched Regulatory and User Acceptance

Bladder pumps, EPA-accepted for low-flow sampling, have been shown to deliver superior sample accuracy and precision in dozens of independent studies. Nearly 40,000 Well Wizard® bladder pumps are in use – more than all other brands and types of dedicated groundwater samplers combined.


Designed for Superior Low-Flow Sampling Performance

Pneumatic bladder pumps operate with a unique, gentle action ideal for low-flow sampling. Timed on/off cycles of compressed air alternatively squeeze the flexible bladder to displace water out of the pump, and release it to allow the pump to refill by submergence, without creating any disturbance that could affect the sample chemistry. Bladder pumps run easily at low rates for extended times, without the problems of other devices.

No overheating of high speed electric pump motors which can alter samples and ruin pumps.

No churning action like that of bailers or inertial lifters that increase turbidity.

No suction to cause degassing of dissolved volatile contaminents.

The bladder prevents contact between the pump air drive and the sample. The downwell equipment is permanently dedicated to each well. Both samples and well are protected from disturbance or the danger of cross-well contamination.

The easiest system to order and use.

Well Wizard Bladder Pumps are part of the complete low-flow Micropurge sampling system engineered for easy installation and use. GEMS application specialists will help specify the most effective, economical pumps and accessories for your site.

 Each pump is cleaned and laboratory certified to be free of volatile organic compounds, acid extractable and base neutral contaminants. Your system is preassembled, with tubing cut to length, ready to install.

Installation by certified field technicians is available. We back our product with unmatched expertise and service.

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