Groundwater Equipment and Monitoring Services Ltd is the New Zealand agent for QED, recognised as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pumps and equipment for groundwater monitoring and cleanup.

With GEMS you get the benefit of internationally recognised equipment and the benefit of local expertise,back up, and technical advice.

QED equipment is specifically designed for:

We provide specialist yet cost effective solutions to your groundwater monitoring problems. Our range of dedicated down-well bladder pumps eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and sample inaccuracy.

With the Well Wizard range you can improve efficiency by increasing the accuracy of your data while decreasing the time it takes to get it.

Conventional monitoring systems may involve bailing, well purging, or high rate pumping. These procedures can mix stagnant water from the upper, unscreened portion into the sampling zone or agitate the well and surrounding aquifer. The result. Less accurate data.

The Well Wizard's gentle air driven bladder pumps provide you with more accurate data in less time. Its dedicated low-flow set up will collect representative samples without disturbing the rest of the well or the surrounding formation.

Add the Micropurge Pump Controller, Water Level Meter, or Flow Cell/Analyser – and you have a system which improves sample quality and cuts costs.

On the farm we provide the Stop-Go Valve, a unique 'set and forget' solution to dairy effluent problems in a cost effective and easy to install package.

Groundwater equipment and Monitoring Services: advice, installation, service, backup.